Labyrinth Speakeasy

by Anarchestra



Labyrinth Speakeasy (67:41)
Recorded February 6th and 27th, 2003 at Labyrinth Speakeasy in W. Tisbury
Played on:
Basuka, Bish-Bosh, Blowdrum, Bosco, Bustelo, Dubass, Guiroshaklave, Harp, Kyzyl Kum, La Bas, Lamellop, Mickey One, Paired, Peddlar, Pig, Pilon, Pipes, Sir Gamelan, Thump and Squat, Trinidad and Tobago, Tubes, and various winds
Played by: Charmaine Tam, Rod Welles, Scott Hershowitz, Paul Thurlow, Linzi Arundale, Alex Ferris.

The instruments were installed at Labyrinth Speakeasy (a performance space/ gallery founded and directed by Rod Welles) from fall 2002 until spring 2003 and played weekly by a fluctuating group of participants. The six musicians on these two excerpts were the core group who played every week.
These remain among my favorite live recordings of Anarchestra despite the hollowness of the sounds I was able to get from the tonal instruments owing to their amplification by piezos (contact mics) and my low position on the learning curve of how best to use them. Piezos don’t really like bass and using so many of them tended to push us toward Gamelan sonorities whether we wanted them or not.
This group of musicians, with their dedication, imagination, and unself-conscious mutual responsiveness, was a great honor to play with. Their collaboration provided me with an opportunity to examine what did and didn’t work both sonically and ergonomically and I got a lot of constructive feedback from them. That the idea of Anarchestra got such a positive reception from people I have so much respect for (as musicians and as human beings) encouraged me to build more instruments and continue to let the project grow.


released June 10, 2015




Anarchestra Tucson, Arizona


Anarchestra is a group of instruments conceived and built by alex ferris. It is also the people who end up playing them and the network of ideas involved in building the music.
100% natural.
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