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W Corrales-Madrid I am grateful that when I went through the change I did not feel like this. However, I have been with others of my kind that probably have and for some reason, would like others to (feel the same). That is just my humorous take on the title. I really like the play of tension, evocative rhythm and the how the sound enables me to explore hidden places inside.


Hot Flash (55:13)
September 4 2005 Railyard 1 Santa Fe
Cover: Linzi Arundale
Played on: Anarchestra
Played by: Gaspard Cabanes, Linzi Arundale, Alex Ferris

After a 30 month hiatus, Anarchestra was recorded live. It was Linzi’s last recording with Anarchestra and Gaspard’s first, so to me it represents a ‘changing of the guard’ as Linzi had been integral to the collective aspect of Anarchestra from the beginning at Labyrinth Speakeasy and Gaspard was to be integral to it for the rest of my time in New Mexico. Their two differing approaches (Linzi’s essentially rhythmic, Gaspard’s predominately noisy) are both in evidence and I like the way the three of us triangulate our sounds among the instruments. It was also the last recording made in Railyard 1 and I’m very glad to have documented the unique sound of the space with a live recording.
That summer had brought an end to my period of social isolation. Over the course of it I made friends with (among others) Gaspard, Dezbah, and Dawn, who, over the following year, would become the next group of regular collaborators.


released March 8, 2016




Anarchestra Tucson, Arizona


Anarchestra is a group of instruments conceived and built by alex ferris. It is also the people who end up playing them and the network of ideas involved in building the music.
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