manque: res les los

by Anarchestra



Manque: res les los (59:57)
Fall 2009 the vine Tucson

Played on:
Reeds, Kyzyl Kum, Smelly Old Harry, Monte, Drums, Botree, McGuiro, Flutes, Seegar, Klem, Prout, Pharo, Sprawl, Spike, Bish-Bosh, Retardog
Played by: alex ferris

During the winters and springs of 2008-2009 and the fall of 2008 several of the art students from the live cds Void if Detached, Peckerwood Eclipse, and Che’s Lounge lived at The Vine in Tucson (where I had eventually relocated). My hope was that we’d work and practice to develop as a group and play something fantastic on the instruments of Anarchestra. Sadly, the practice / learning necessary to develop a substantial performance never materialized and nothing we did as a group rose above the musical level attained by any random group of people. For the most part it was fun, but it didn’t result in any great music being made.

After the socioaesthetic experiment ended, I worked by myself in the studio for the first time in 3 years. Manque is the result. I was, and remain, extremely ambivalent about it, hence the title. But, that said, I value it as a document and oblique commentary on the period that preceded it. In many ways it reminds me of Abandoned in the sense that it demonstrated to me the absences I would need to address in future work.

Stylistically I feel it is burdened by its tendency to homophony (as I felt the group involved in the socioaesthetic experiment had been burdened by a self-imposed lack of dynamism that tended toward the social safety of generalized mediocrity –a microcosm of bourgeois values). None of the parts ever seem to break away from their identification with the status quo –the ostinati—of the pieces.

I considered suppressing this, but elected not to. I want the recordings of Anarchestra to honestly document its history (had I suppressed it, it would have been the first instance of that). I don’t think of them as “works of art” so much as I see them as “the ashes of my campfires” along the meandering route of this musical pilgrimage. I have always disliked the notion that the function of art is to generate illusions (to me that is the province of advertising and propaganda). I think it should dispel them, even when, maybe particularly when, those illusions are comforting. In addition to that, I believe suppressing it would be akin to absolving myself from responsibility for the failure of the experiment.

I have not lost faith in the idea that a collective group playing unique instruments could make original and valuable music –as the Labyrinth Speakeasy group did-- and I hope the opportunity to try it again arises at some point.

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released August 28, 2014




Anarchestra Tucson, Arizona


Anarchestra is a group of instruments conceived and built by alex ferris. It is also the people who end up playing them and the network of ideas involved in building the music.
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